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SYMBIOSE BY THE JANE "Top / Side" Plate SY002Hi 2

SYMBIOSE BY THE JANE "Top / Side" Plate SY002Hi 2
The "Top/Side" Plate has two purposes, it can be used as a side plate for bread (or other side dishes), or on top of the "Starter" Bowl, adding an elegant presentation, while keeping the dish warm.

Symbiose by The Jane is a line of high-end sustainable, disposable tableware; the result of a collaboration between Natural Tableware, two Michelin star Chef Nick Bril from The Jane Antwerp, and Yaara Landau-Katz of the design agency One & Many.

The line is design to work together, elevating each dish in your menu, from amuse to dessert. The elegant, round design gives room for creative plating and versatility. Three out of the four designs are bowls, and the perfect hybrid plate. This plate can be used as a side plate or top, adding a surprise element in your presentation.

Sturdy and elegantly designed in white bagasse, of professional grade, withstanding higher temperatures in combi-ovens, was well as lower degrees in refrigerators and freezers. Withstands liquids for 48 hours.

5.125 in x 0.01 in

Sold by the sleeve
Pcs/Sleeve: 50 pcs
Pcs/Case: 10 Sleeves/500 pcs
  • SKU: SY002Hi 2
  • Material: Sugarcane
  • Size: Small
  • Type: Plates
  • Pcs/ pack: 50
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