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Social responsibility


Hampi's natural palm leaf plates are based on a simple yet brilliant idea: to use naturally fallen Areca palm leaves to make a wide range of natural design disposable tableware. Hampi plates are made by heat pressing the selected leaves, no chemicals or other harmful toxics are used in the process, leaving a 100% natural product.

The underlying technique of our production was developed in the south of India, where recycling and making use of everything that nature has to offer is a way of life. We believe this lifestyle should be adopted by more people. Why? Because the one mother that does not clean up after you is Mother Nature.

That is what we mean by “A Hampi State of Mind” let’s challenge our habits and use more natural and recycled materials to minimize the impact we have on our environment. Hampi provides a stylish and natural alternative to tableware without harming the life on Earth.
Hampi Products are 100% biodegradable and “back yard” compostable, just like all our other brands.


Since the opening of the Hampi plantation in 2008 we have been engaged in creating long term job opportunities in the rural areas where the standard of living is lower.

By making use of materials that would normally go to waste we do not only take care of everything nature has to offer but also add to the local economy. We work together with micro entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide the local population with jobs and give them opportunity to generate their own income. For more information on our social responsibility please contact us.


  1. Around seven times a year the Areca Palm tree sheds one of its leaves
    2. The shed leaves are collected from the ground by local people
    3. Only the wooden part of the leaf is used. The green part is left on the ground as nutrition for the soil
    4. The collected leaves are dried in the sun for a couple of days
    5. The leaves, now dry, are being transported to our production facilities
    6. Next, the leaves are thoroughly washed, rinsed, cleaned and cut to size for production
    7. The leaves are heat pressed and cut into shape by hydraulic or manually operated machines
    8. The finished plates are brushed and cleaned
    9. Every palm plate has to pass 10 different quality tests
    10. The approved plates are packed and ready for transport

When something is compostable, it means that it will naturally biodegrade and transform within a limited timeframe. The residual material that remains can be used as natural fertilizer, or as a source of energy. In our production process we are constantly working on how to become even more sustainable and not use more energy than necessary.

This enables us to deliver fully compostable sustainable disposable tableware that meets all health requirements for consumption and food contact. Our sustainable disposable tableware can simply be thrown into the green waste which is then completely degraded by nature. Natural materials can be used again in the spring as compost for the garden and complete the circle! Disposables.eco represents a positive impact on nature!