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NATURAL CUTLERY Knife Wax Coating NCK100Hi

NATURAL CUTLERY Knife Wax Coating NCK100Hi
Natural Cutlery is our collection of wooden cutlery with a natural wax coating that eliminates that dry wooden mouth-feel. Made from sustainable, renewable resources and no chemicals or other harmful materials, results in a 100% eco-friendly and compostable product that will dissolve within 49 days in your backyard compost.

Measurements: 0.78 in x 0.72 in x 0.1 in

Sold by the Sleeve
Pcs/Sleeve: 100 pcs
Pcs/Case: 5 sleeves/500 pcs case
  • SKU: NCK100Hi 3
  • Material: FSC Wood
  • Type: Utensils
  • Pcs/ pack: 100
  • We deliver throughout North America

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